Cherry Pfau Integrative Health Coach

Advance Holistic Nurse

Cherry Pfau, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, PLLC is a holistic wellness practice offering workshops for wellness, individual and group health coaching and holistic therapies to support your health.

Cherry is a professional Register Nurse and Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse. Cherry is also a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach, Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Aromatherapist and Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Certified Facilitator. Cherry has a passion for helping other healthcare practitioners improve their health so they can bring more health to their clients.

"Improving your health can seem overwhelming. There's so much to learn, so much to do. Where do you even start? It's quite simple actually...
just change ONE thing."

– Cherry Pfau

Holistic Nurse Coaches

Nurse Coaches are an integral adjunct to one's health care. We are your Integrative Care experts for the promotion of healing the body-mind-spirit. What makes Nurse Coaches appealing? We are patient care advocates who realize the deep dissatisfaction with the current day health care system which leaves patients feeling like a disease and not a person, and we have time to listen. Physician care is absolutely necessary and we can help you complement that care in a personalized and affordable way.

Holistic Nurse Health Coaches develop a personalized holistic Health Plan designed for your body-mind-spirit emphasizing healthy food choices, therapeutic exercise regimens, stress reduction, improved relationships, better sleep, pain management and spiritual fulfillment to improve your well-being.

Transform Your Life and Create Optimal Health

Optavia Products and Services

If you could have optimal physical health, would you want it?

The innovative products and programs from Optavia® empower and equip you to create Optimal Health in your own life.

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Workshops for Wellness

Workshops are based on twelve dimensions of wellness and offer participants the opportunity to experience simple techniques to build resiliency in each area of wellness

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Holistic Health and Wellness

I believe that my role is to be your guide and partner on your journey to optimal health and wellness. I believe we all have an inner knowing of what our body, mind and spirit need to heal.

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Individual and Group Coaching

Cherry has a passion for helping other healthcare practitioners learn to care for themselves as much as they care for others. She offers individual and group coaching sessions.

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