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Wellness Inventory - Live a Life of Health and Wellness



Do you need to make a few lifestyle changes and get your health back?

Has your doctor told you to get your BP, Cholesterol or Weight back to a normal level?

Are you determined to remain healthy regardless of your age?

The Wellness Inventory® was developed by Dr. John Travis and has helped thousands of people achieve health and wellness by identifying not only where to change but also willingness to change.

I am offering a six-week course based on the Wellness Inventory® starting July 12, 2018 at the Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina located at 5915 Farrington Road, Suite 106, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. 

I will review 2 of the Wellness Inventory dimensions in each class and provide coaching to the group around these dimensions. I will provide take home tools and/or exercises in each class to help you make small incremental changes in each dimension. If you make enough small steps, you can start a remarkable journey!
















Ready to balance all

of life’s dimensions

for your

optimal health

and vitality?











“Positive lifestyle 


    Amy, Indianapolis, IN


“I highly recommend

 this program.”

James Gordon, M.D.

Center for Mind-Body Medicine


Experience the original and proven whole-person approach – Wellness Inventory.  Combined with coaching, it’s the most comprehensive approach to tracking and managing personal wellbeing.


The online program has dynamic interactive tools to help you determine personal wellness priorities and achieve goals by integrating all aspects of your life, represented in 12 key dimensions.

Reduce stress, lose weight, improve relationships, gain better work-life balance, and live life more fully. Use the online program combined with ongoing coaching to maintain optimal, whole-person

wellbeing throughout your lifetime.










Here's what you can do as we work together:

 • Deepen your personal responsibility for your health.

 • Discover areas you’re most motivated to change.

 • Actively manage steps for continuous improvement.

 • Connect to deeper meaning in your personal life.


 • Improve engagement in your professional life.

 • Balance your personal and professional lives.

 • Discover a higher level of health and wellbeing.


 • Maximize your innate potentials as a whole person.




















“powerful tool for 21st century

integrative medicine"

Larry Dossey, M.D.
















Cherry Pfau

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