Coaching and Holistic Therapy

Cherry Pfau, Advance Holistic Nurse

"The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease.

-Thomas Edison

NES Health

This BioEnegetiX WellNES System, comprising a full suite of solutions, identifies and corrects energetic distortions, so that the Body-Field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

Individual Coaching Package

3-month package includes:

  • (6) 50-minute coaching sessions
  • (2) 15-minute laser coaching calls
  • Email support
  • 25% Discount on workshops during coaching period

As an added bonus, all participants receive a free annual membership to the Wellness Inventory Health Assessment and Education website, or Aromatherapy consult with one personalized essential oil blend.

Group Coaching Package

Each person receives a 1-month package that includes:

  • 2 - one hour group coaching sessions
  • 1 – Individual 30 minute coaching session
  • 25% Discount on workshops during coaching period

Group Coaching packages are intended for a group of four participants. I can not schedule a group package for less than three participants.

Holistic Health Support Therapies

Holistic support therapies are based on a 50 minute session with your choice of

  • Healing Touch Therapy
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Aromatherapy

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program

My Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program includes two 1-hour sessions that cover:

  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
  • How to Reduce Pain and Speed Healing after Surgery
  • Lessen the Side-Effects of Chemotherapy
  • Reduce Anxiety, Headaches and Cure Insomnia

Included in this package is a free copy of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, by Peggy Huddleston and a free CD.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program

Peggy Huddleston's Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster© program is a one-hour workshop; the person preparing for surgery learns five steps and the medical research documenting their benefits. For use at home, the patient is given the book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster and a Relaxation/Healing CD. This workshop also helps prepare for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.