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Monthly Wellness Workshop

Monthly Wellness Workshop

Monthly holistic wellness workshops are based on twelve dimensions of wellness and offer participants the opportunity to experience simple techniques to build resiliency in each area of wellness and to ask specific personalized questions about the topic. A different dimension is covered each month.

Quarterly 2 Day Retreat

Relax and Recharge; a workshop for women who do too much Presented by Cherry Pfau and Peggy Gleason. Two days of interactive learning designed to help women begin to care for themselves holistically so they can continue to care for the important people in their lives.

Monthly Holistic Care Concepts Workshop for Healthcare Practitioners

This Monthly class teaches holistic health care concepts to people who provide care to others. This class focuses on simple ways to incorporate holistic care concepts into caregiving regardless of where you practice.

Custom Health and Wellness Classes

Cherry is available to develop specialized health and wellness classes/workshops for your group or employees.